Undergoing a breast augmentation plastic surgery DC may be a dream of many individuals who may want to enhance the appearance of their breasts. The recovery process is maybe challenging after the surgery when one has achieved their dream of getting the breasts that they have always dreamt about. The tips below will help one achieve a quick recovery and be comfortable after they have undergone through DC breast lift or augmentation. During the recovery process, one may constantly experience nausea. It recommended that one to use anti-nausea medications. This will contribute to the decrease of nausea occurrence during the recovery process.

Some women may develop a discomfort after the surgery, and they may feel uncomfortable around the operated area. People who experience that may make use of the nursing pads that can be purchased in the chemist or given in the hospital. This will help their sensitive nipples by reducing their sensitivity. It will also soothe the uncomfortable area that may be making the patient bit nervous to appear before people. The patients should make use of the anti-sensitivity pads well to soothe their nipples after the surgery.

The patients are advised to put on special clothes that are fit for such a critical period. The clothes are designed in a way that they help in reducing the swelling and giving the breast a regular appearance and make it look beautiful. Wearing normal clothes may be very uncomfortable for the patient who may have undergone the surgical procedure as the clothes do not have unique features that will care about the position of the breasts. One may also experience effects such as swelling, breast discoloration and some redness after the procedure. This is after the skin stretches as the breasts are fixed when the implants are being put in place. If the symptoms persist after some weeks, one can buy skin care creams and take care of their skin. The cream will deal with the discoloration and tenderness of the skin. The lotions can be prescribed by the doctor and purchased over the counter.

Most people who undergo this surgery are left with a lot of scars. The scars come as a result of incisions that are made by the surgeon during the procedure. The doctors indicate that the scars be protected from direct sun rays. You can wear sunscreen when going out in the scorching sun to prevent the rays from getting to the scars. The doctors also give a topical gel and surgical tapes that lower the appearance of the postoperative scars.

Find out more about breast augmentation at http://www.ehow.com/facts_5028810_much-breast-implants.html.


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